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We offer group and private customized tours in Sicily.



WWW.YOUMEANDSICILY.COM | ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2025 - Created by Flazio Experience

WWW.YOUMEANDSICILY.COM | ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2025 - Created by Flazio Experience

Denise 2017

Joe  2019

Grazie mille for the AMAZING labor of love you do, Alfred and Eszter, by bringing people a little closer to their Sicilian heritage. Thank you for sharing the sights, sounds, smells and savory tastes of our beautiful and historic Sicily. You make each video look so effortlessly but we know how hard you work and appreciate every moment you share and detail you capture. May the Good Lord continue to bless you both and provide travelers and generous donors to keep your many projects thriving in 2019 and beyond. Hugs  I wanted to thank you again for a well designed and varied tour, with a nice mix of the free and the programmed.  It replaced my 50-year old memory of Sicily as a big archeological site haunted by mafiosi and widows in black.  The baroque towns especially were a revelation.

Sincerely, if you want to enjoy a taste of Sicily guided by experts, take one of Alfred's and Eszter's tours. I suggest that to anyone before going on their own. Sicily is a magical place; however, without the language and knowledge of the Island, it may be a challenge. English is not spoken as widely as in the north of Italy

Dr. Rosemary 2020

Thank you so much Eszter, the production is beautiful and I am grateful and humbled by how you have turned your talents to Cerami, ancestral home for so many.  You and Alfred have given a tremendous gift to my family. 

Joe and Krista 2021

This is not your run-of-the-mill travel company! Eszter and Alfred do all they can to show you daily life in Sicily along with the tourist highlights. They limit their groups to a very small size, so you get the flexibility to change the itinerary as circumstances dictate along with the utmost personal service. That personal service begins the minute you inquire about booking until they deliver you to the airport at the end of the tour. 

Dr. Joe 2022

Thank you so much Eszter, the production is beautiful and I am grateful and humbled by how you have turned your talents to Cerami, ancestral home for so many.  You and Alfred have given a tremendous gift to my family. 

Tom 2021

We had a WONDERFUL tour with Alfred and Ezster in October. They do their best to be sure that everything is top notch and that you enjoy yourself. Their goal is to show their clients the areas of Sicily that are not generally frequented by tourists. They arrange lodging, transportation, food and almost anything else that you may need or want. It was obvious that there are special relationships between Eszter and the proprietors that they frequent. This makes the whole experience, whether it's going to a market or a restaurant, very special and authentic. Along with the fun there is a significant dose of Sicilian history and culture discussed. This is done with great pride. We would do this again in a second, hopefully soon.  

Christine 2019

This was my second time on a You, Me and Sicily Tour and I brought my adult daughter. I had been on the Palermo province tour 3 years ago and was extremely excited to join Eszter and her guides for the east coast of Sicily tour. They did not disappoint and was as fun and steeped in local neighborhoods, knowledge, folklore and foods and wine as I had remembered from my past tour. The experience is laid back, local, and really an insider’s tour so that that you feel you are part of Sicily and not just a tourist-and also part of the family. The guides are super knowledgeable about all of the history of towns and sites we visited, stories from ancient times up through contemporary traditions. There is still so much to see, eat and experience that I am headed back again in May - I’m looking forward to more You,Me and Sicily and am thrilled to see my friends who have become like family again. 

Pat 2021

These tours are absolutely fantastic!! Limited to small groups, amazing knowledge of history, local small restaurants, very affordable!! And last but not least Ezster & Alfred are really fun to hang with!!!! I will be back!! 

Mic 2020

My wife and I spent a month in Taormina, Sicily living an ordinary life like a local. We were able to finish a trip which was interrupted by the start of Covid19 in March 2020. We met You Me and Sicily (Eszter and Alfred) in March of 2020 for a day trip of Villages of Etna and a local wine tour. Great experience from a local point of view. This year we retuned and did a two-day tour of Ortica and Catania, What a good insight and history lesson on the area. I would highly recommend a guided tour for the details you would not get on your own.

Mary 2022

We were part of the June Tour in Western Sicily. I don’t know where to begin. This was the best experience I have ever had. Eszter & Alfred (YouMe & Sicily) were incredibly organizers and hosts. We visit Castellemare Del Golfo, Palermo, Monreale, Segrstra, Scicca, Scopella and Trapani. Visited vineyard for wine tasting, ricotta farm and a very beautiful beach at San Vito lo Capo. 

Jodi 2016

Eszter Vajda & Alfred Zappala - you two made a lifelong dream trip a pure adventure!!! And then you include the powerhouse of a woman Paola Asaro to the mix with her amazing Villas - WOW!!! Just saying, The people, places and memories will stay with me forever!!! The food OMG, I only hope the food doesn't stay with me forever!!! From the very depths of my heart, thank you!!! If anyone reading this has the slightest wish to come to Sicily, do it! It's more affordable than you are imagining. Give yourself this gift! 

Maria 2017

Ciao Eszter, was just thinking of you guys! Miss you! Grazie mille for such a healing time in Sicilia♡ I felt safe, loved, and peaceful with you both! Hope you are enjoying your trip. Stay cool & safe ♡ 

Ginnie 2018

Dear Eszter, It is ME who needs to thank you. I don't ask for much, ever. So, the only thing on my bucket list was to visit Sicily.We could have taken that trip in so many ways but it was an easy decision to choose to go with you and Alfred. No other trip could have given us what you did.  You immersed us in the Sicilian lifestyle.  You cared so much.  You worked so hard to make it the best possible experience ever and it was.I treasure every day, every meal, every experience and every single person we shared our day with.I feel truly blessed and can't thank you enough.Love

Philip 2017

Eszter and Alfred what a great video you produced of my grandfather, grandmother and uncle Felix’s hometown. I was in Cianciana on three occasions starting in 1959 as a young US army soldier. The last time was when I took my dad’ Phillip, it was his first and only trip in 1982 as he died 18 months later. Your video allowed me to revisit many places where I had been including the church where the relatives I mentioned were baptized and my nonno and nonna were married. What the two of you do is professional and entraining. I can’t wait for my children, grandchildren and many cousins to see our town for the first time. Thanks for a job well done.  

Rose Ann 2016

We took advantage of Eszter and Alfred's expertise when we visited Sicily last September. They recommended restaurants, sites and small towns that we could visit on our own that were nearby to where we were staying. Also, they took us to Siracusa and on a tour of Ortiga. It was a wonderful day filled with history, shopping, great food and a lot of fun. Would highly recommend that you contact them. You will not be disappointed.

Maria 2020

 I love your videos! I was supposed to go to Sicily in July but watching your videos helped me feel like I’m there. I’m thinking of buying a home there for the summers so you have given me inspiration! I’m looking forward to your next episode!

Dave and Karen  2023

This was my (Dave’s) dream trip, and Eszter & Alfred didn’t disappoint. WOW! Hands down, the best trip of my life, and Eszter is amazing. We visited 20 towns in 16 days along the east and southern coasts of Sicily.

The detail and planning Eszter does day in and day out for the tours is unreal. From knowledgeable guides, to local food stops, to dinners every night at hand selected restaurants, everything was impressive. Eszter made sure we had everything we needed and wanted for nothing. Every person on every tour becomes part of her family.

The hotel was clean, had a continental breakfast each morning, and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

When we traveled to Melilli, Saint Sebastian’s church was closed. Eszter spoke to a police officer, who escorted us to a local shop owner. She conversed with the shop owner, who drove home to retrieve the key to open St. Sebastian’s church for us. It was an emotional moment for me to be inside St.Sebastian’s church in Melilli, as it brought back so many fond memories of my youth with my father and I at St.Sebastian’s church in Middletown CT.

I was truly blessed not only to see St. Sebastian’s church in Melilli, but to have Eszter treat me like a long lost relative who needed her guidance. I will never forget Eszter or this moment as long as I live.

Thank you Eszter for an incredible journey through Sicily, and thank you for the most incredible experience of my life. Karen and I can’t thank you enough.

If you are thinking about a trip to Sicily, “You, Me, & Sicily Tours” should be your first choice. The tour sizes are manageable (no more than 20 people). The cost is very reasonable, and the experience you get is once in lifetime.

Len,  Stacy,  Lindsay, Thomas and Peter  2023

Eszter Vajda is a "top shelf" tour guide/consulting service Company based in Sicily.  My family and I were fortunate enough to have been referred to Eszter. From my initial contact with Eszter I felt confident we were in good hands and that our visit to Sicily would be outstanding. We originally scheduled our trip for March, 2023 but had to reschedule due to the loss of a family member. Eszter was very understanding and sympathetic, she was able to reschedule our private tour for April, 2023. Our private tour began in the Catania area of Sicily. Eszter and her associate - Stefania took us to the downtown Catania market - fish market where we saw how the people of Sicily live and shop, everything from fresh fruits and vegetables. During the first leg of our tour of the Catania side of the island, we toured Ortigia, Siracusa and Noto again all beautiful places full or history. Eszter was very knowledgeable of the history and the area, she provided great detail of all the places we visited. We also visited the Etna Villages- Viagrande, Trecastagni, Zafferana Etna, Giardini Naxos and Taormina. Eszter arranged our transportation for our tours.  As a special "personal touch" we had a family style meal with Eszter and Alfred who graciously opened their home to us. We felt at home with them, like family.  We consider them friends of ours. Although we ended our Catania area tour with Eszter, she arranged our transportation to Palermo (with the same driver and luxury van we had all week)  Eszter had also put together a stop for us in Petralia Soprana, the hometown of my grandparents and my ancestral roots. She knew it was something we wanted to do, to step foot in the place where my grandparents emigrated from many years ago.  Eszter was also able to provide contacts for our Palermo leg of the trip .Gabriella was our tour guide for Palermo. Eszter provided a contact for a tour of Cefalù with an associate, also named Eszter. In closing, you will not be disappointed with your trip to Sicily if you employ the services of Eszter Vajda and You, Me & Sicily. 

Lisa and Hans 2024

My wife Lisa and I have watched dozens of You, Me & Sicily videos & webcasts over the last few years, so we had a sense of who Eszter and Aldred are. We were charmed by their enthusiastic and often penetrating reports from every corner of the largest and one of the most fascinating islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

On this our second extended tour of Sicily, we joined one of their tours of eastern Sicily this May, and as a bonus to the travel experience, we got to know Eszter and Alfred, and can confirm that their passion for Sicily is genuine, and that they generously share their deep knowledge of the island and its complicated history and culture. As we joined up with the tour, which was small enough that we made new friends and learned from their backgrounds and interest in Sicily. During our dinners, we became like a family, prodded by Eszter, who managed to be both a guide and a good listener who picked up on ideas and suggestions. During a visit to the Sant'Alfio festival in Trecastagni, a small town on the slopes of Mount Etna, Eszter nodded to me to follow her through a packed crowd, which I did… and was rewarded with an opportunity to take great photos at close range and experience the procession carrying the three saints emerged from the old church. Having been a TV-journalist and news anchor, Eszter is not afraid to make her way into a thick crowd to get closer to the action.

It’s not only Ezster’s experience as a TV-reporter and news anchor, but her sheer humanity and caring that impressed us most. At one point, we had a medical situation that needed solving and Ezster came to the rescue. She went above and beyond, as the saying goes, and ensured that our trip would continue smoothly.

Although we spent only a few days on the tour before continuing our stay in Sicily, Eszter and Alfred left us with warm feelings—and the safety in knowing that we had found new friends in Sicily that we can trust and will hopefully meet with again.

Marsha 2024

Cannot say enough wonderful things about Eszter. We took advantage of doing a tour consulting pre-trip with her, which was incredibly helpful in our planning of the trip as a whole. She assisted with setting up transportation and advising on lodging and towns to visit.
We also set up a tour with her and she is simply a lovely and delightful person. Her deep knowledge of Sicily was extremely impressive and interesting. She took us to places off the beaten path to give us a true Sicilian experience. Highly recommend!


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