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We offer group and private customized tours in Sicily.


You, Me & Sicily


WWW.YOUMEANDSICILY.COM | ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2025 - Created by Flazio Experience

WWW.YOUMEANDSICILY.COM | ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2025 - Created by Flazio Experience

You, Me & Sicily is a video series about the people, places, history, culture, festivals and foods of Sicily. We also offer group and private customized tours of both the East and West coasts of Sicily.  


Sicily has the largest active volcano in Europe, windswept cliffs, turquoise water, stunning beaches, vineyards and world-class wines.  There are large olive and citrus groves, lushes farms and pastures filled with sheep, goats, and horses. You can visit medieval villages and hamlets, mountains and valleys. Sicily is an enchanting and pristine place filled with beautiful adventures and experiences. The cuisine of Sicily is an unbelievable mix of fresh fruits and vegetables brought to this land by Greek, Arab,Roman, Spanish and French conquerors. Your mouth will sing with joy that will never be forgotten.

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Eszter Vajda

Eszter Vajda is an Emmy-nominated international journalist, host and producer with a passion for inspiring dialogue, extracting information, and story telling. Her goal is to educate, inspire and empower people worldwide.  Eszter was born in Hungary and has lived in Israel, Brazil and the United States before moving to Sicily in 2014.  She fell deeply in love with the island and now lives here.


She has a Masters in History and Exercise Science from Northeastern University.  Her passions are travel, politics and doing videos.

Eszter has worked in several TV stations across the US including in Massachusetts, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire and North Carolina.  

Eszter is the creator and co-executive producer and editor of You, Me & Sicily.  Eszter has been a board member of the Sicilian Project non- profit since 2014.  Her love for the island is seen in the videos and is transmitted to people through private and group tours of Sicily. 


Alfred M. Zappala

Alfred M. Zappala is a lawyer, law professor and author. He has practiced and taught law in Massachusetts for many years. He currently resides in Sicily where he writes and practices law on matters concerning Italy and Sicily.

He authored four popular books on Sicily and is the co-creator and co-executive producer of a television series on Sicily "You, Me and Sicily" which highlights the “points of light” in the island paradise. All four of Alfred's Grandparents came from Trecastagni, Sicily.

Mr. Zappala attended Boston College has a B.A. from the University of New England, and a J.D. from the Massachusetts School of Law. 
He is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and has been a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association,Boston Bar Association, Essex County Bar Association and Greater Lawrence Bar Association.

He is also the founder and Chairman of the Board of the Sicilian Project.
He has three children and four grandchildren.
He considers this to be his single greatest accomplishment in life.

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